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Miniature Teapot Collection

  • Valerie Casson
    These are 1" scale miniature teapots

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April 05, 2008


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Eleni Gratsia

Well, my room is just like that, and it has a bed inside too! :D I think you're okay will children sharing a room the first couple of years ... especially if they are on the same floor ... :D

Will be lovely to see you scrapping again! :D


Wow! that's a very eclectic (ahem!) room :), hope you get it how you want it without tiring yourself out too much.
My 2 older boys share - they would miss each other terribly if they had separate rooms now, not that they would admit it though.


Ooh, that looks familiar.

My girlies still share and love it. Mind you I did catch them chatting quite late last night.

They keep each other company especially when they were smaller and woke up in the night.

Happy Sunday xxx


Hey, that little lot won't take five minutes to clear up ;) !!


Channel 138 at 9.45am and 1 hour later on 139!
I bloody love it, it's Kim's comments that have me in stitches :) this series has been a shocker though! xxx


Love your miniatures! I wish I had stayed with them but they are long lost. The doll houses are beautufully decorated, do you have a magazine source for miniature items?

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